Erikslunds KF G9

Registration number: 1184
Registrator: Simon Barrinton Log in
Primary shirt color: Green
Leader: Jim Anvelius
Jennie Castenvik
Jannica Källström
Erikslunds KF was one of 95 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Stockholm Football Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Girls 9 (2010).

In addition to Erikslunds KF, 8 other teams played in Girls 9 (2010). They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Erikslunds KF could be found in Group A together with Örby IS 2 Röd, Enskede IK Svart and Segeltorps IF 2.

Erikslunds KF comes from TÄBY which lies approximately 15 km from Stockholm, where Stockholm Football Cup takes place. The area around TÄBY does also provide 69 additional clubs participating during Stockholm Football Cup 2019 (Among others: Älta IF, Reymersholms IK, Djurgårdens IF, Västerhaninge IF, Skarpnäck FF, Järla IF FK, Sickla IF, Pershagens SK, Stureby SK and Magallanes IF).

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