SFC and Covid-19


We are working on adjusting the cup to the current situation, and below you can see the changes we plan to introduce for SFC 2020.

This year we will focus on the football games! We hope that as many people as possible can take part in the games, either on site or digitally.

Changes for SFC 2020:

• The opening ceremony is cancelled

• Teams staying at schools will have access to two classrooms instead of one (max. 10 people per classroom).

• We introduce a meal schedule or the option of take-away to minimize the number of guests in the school dining rooms

• The award ceremony takes place in simplicity after the team's last game

• Cafeteria sales at the arenas will take place outdoors

• Minimum of events that bring people together; full focus on the football games


There are many cup organizers who
in recent weeks have announced that they will have to cancel this year's tournaments. The most noticeable in the line is of course the Gothia Cup, which this week came out with the sad news. Cups have different conditions and this obviously affects the organizers' planning - which means that decisions must be made at different times.

At Stockholm Football Cup, with the help of good partners and a close cooperation with the Stockholm municipality, we can create a relatively short lead time, which gives an advantage. The cup management has concluded that we need from June 17th to manage the arrangement of this year's edition, if the prevailing situation would allow the cup to be played. Therefore, we can wait until this date before deciding whether the cup has to be canceled.

We understand that our international teams do not have the possibility to wait until then before making their decisions. Everyone is affected by this pandemic, but the situation varies in different parts of the world, both in terms of the spread of the disease and the national authorities' guidelines and recommendations. For us, it is important that all teams feel welcome to our cup - even if they do not have the opportunity to participate this summer.

Until June 17th, we will continue to prepare for SFC 2020 to be played, but of course with flexibility for different scenarios. We hope that all teams will play football this summer, whether local or international. The power and joy that football provides is a fantastic privilege.

sincerely hope that we will see you at the end of July to join and create memorable football experiences 2020.

Until then, take care of yourself and each other.

Warm regards

The SFC team

Earlier information:


Covid-19 affects us all in one way or another and Stockholm Football Cup naturally has this high on the agenda right now.

There are many months left until the cup starts and the cup organization continues to work with full focus on the cup going off as planned on July 30 - August 2. Should the situation around Covid-19 remain unchanged on June 17, we will cancel this year's cup and the registered teams will of course get their cup fees paid back by SFC.

In the meantime, we will keep in close contact with the Public Health Authority and follow the directives given by the authorities. And continue to plan this summer's big football event in Stockholm!

We look forward to meeting you at the end of July and hope for an unforgettable cup experience for everyone!


The SFC team
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