Växjö Norra IF B16/17

Registration number: 4150
Registrator: Mohamed Log in
Primary shirt color: Black
Leader: Abdullahi Abdi
Mohamed Yusuf
8:th place in Slutspel D
Växjö Norra IF was one of 69 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Stockholm Football Cup 2022. They participated with one team in Boys 16/17 (2005-2006).

In addition to Växjö Norra IF, 18 other teams played in Boys 16/17 (2005-2006). They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Växjö Norra IF could be found in Group A together with Enskede IK 2, Hammarby IF FF P05-8 and Ursvik IK U17.

Växjö Norra comes from VÄXJÖ which lies approximately 330 km from Stockholm, where Stockholm Football Cup takes place.

5 games played


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