SFC 2021


SFC's goal is to offer a cup experience for both Swedish and international teams with a clear ambition to become the biggest and most fun tournament in Stockholm - with a focus on fair play and equality!

- Age categories between 8 - 19 years old boys and girls

- Best football pitches Stockholm has to offer
- High quality on our referee organisation
- Some games with three referee system
- Fair play is rewarded with a prize in all age categories between 7v7 to 11v11.
- Free entrance to Gröna Lund (amusement park)
- Free entrance to Eriksdalsbadet (swimming arena and water park)
- Top football games AIK-Helsingborg
- Fun activities for all participants
- Memorable cup experiences


Stockholm Football Cup 2021 - Registration opens Sep 15th!

Stockholm Football Cup 2021 is played August 5 - 8. We will open for registration on September 15th.


Stockholm Football Cup 2020 is cancelled

For some time we have worked hopefully on adapting the cup to the prevailing situation - but now we must sadly announce that this year's cup is cancelled.

Read more about our decision here


We offer possibilities for training camp!

SFC offers the possibility for teams travelling to Stockholm for the cup to prolong their stay to have a training camp the days before.
For more information click here


Top Swedish league game included in the cup experience package

On Sunday, August 2, AIK takes on Helsingborg at the Swedish National Arena (Friends Arena). SFC offers all cup participants (players and leaders) to watch the game free of charge as part of the cup experience card. For more information read here.


Interview with Jonas, SFC's cup general

We sat down with Jonas Dyrke, SFC's cup general, to hear what he had to say about the tournament and SFC 2020. Read the interview here.


What a successful start for Stockholm Football Cup!

SFC played it's first cup 2019 and was after that established in the football cup world. We look back on a great weekend of 631 games played by 220 teams from 6 different nations. More than 90% of the teams said they will recommend the cup for other teams for 2020 - something we are very proud to hear!

Now we look forward to next year's cup filled with memorable cup experiances!


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