Welcome as a referee to Stockholm Football Cup.

When you have signed up we will contact you in spring for more information.
On the next page you can report what days and time you are available during Stockholm Football Cup.

Under Licenses select what type you are qualified to be a referee for.

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Please read through the agreement below, and accept it. This is required to be able to carry on with your registration.

As a referee in Stockholm Football Cup the following is very important:
Both as your role as referee and a representant from the cup we expect you to be prepared for your assignment and you can also expect the same from us.

We want you to be available to start on thursday at 13:00 until Sunday at 17:00 to be a refere in the games.
You should report no later than 30 minutes before the game to the field manager.
It is a common referee meeting before tha cup that is mandatory for you.

Latest on the 13 of August we want your form for the fees.

Payment will be done in the end of September.

We will use resultphones so the referees will report live scores during the games.

Welcome to SFC – Stockholm Football Cup!

Bestätigung zur vertraulichen Behandlung Ihrer Daten

Wenn für den Turnierablauf erforderlich, darf die Turnierleitung meinen Namen veröffentlichen, beispielsweise zwecks Kontakt bei der Schiedsrichterauswahl oder in der Spielübersicht des Turnierspielplan

Nachdem Sie Ihre Registrierung abgeschickt haben, können Sie Ihre Verfügbarkeit eingeben.