Jonas Dyrke, SFC's Cup General

Hi Jonas, why did you decide to establish Stockholm Football Cup?

As a player for 20 years and coach for 19 years, I have been on numerous tournaments with my teams, but I have never been to a big international cup in my hometown. There are big tournaments in several of the largest cities in the Nordic countries and I thought it was time to put Stockholm on the map of international football cups!

What are the goals and vision for SFC?

We want to offer a really good international tournament with exciting matches on good pitches, in a cup atmosphere in the capitol of Scandinavia. We also want a high quality on the referees, that's why we have hired a referee general and three referee managers to give the referee organization the best conditions. Between the games, we also want to offer some of Stockholm's most exciting activities for youths. So that when they come home after the cup, they will a feeling of a great cup experience with the team.

What distinguishes the SFC from other tournaments?

SFC has very high goals in terms of football pitches, referees, game schedule, travel, logistics, accommodation and food. Since we focus on creating the best cup experience, we offer transportation with SL (Stockholms public transportation system) during the cup days, a discounted visit to the amusement park Gröna Lund, free swimming at Eriksdalsbadet and the 2024 edition of SFC's merch in the cup experience card. SFC is also played on a relatively limited geographic area, which makes it possible to reduce travel time and have more time to experience Stockholm and all the fun activities the city and the cup can offer.

What is the best thing about football?

I've spent most of my life on, or beside, a football pitch - and I simply believe it's a great sport! It's easy to practical (requires only a ball and some markings for the goals) and you can play across borders (countries, culture, religion, language, gender etc.). Football brings joy, togetherness and team spirit. You stand up as a team, but where every individual contributes to the group's development. I guess that's why it's the biggest sport in the world!

What is your best cup experience?

As a player, it's probably when I was 13 years old and played a cup in Cologne, Germany, and stayed with a German host family. We played against AC Milan, Schalke 04, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. We were the only team who took points from Milan!
As a leader and coach, it is probably the opening ceremony of Gothia Cup and/or when my team played the finals in the Örebro Cup, summer of 2011. But I've had many fine and fun cup memories both matches and experiences off the pitches.

What should you not be missing if you visit Stockholm?

There is plenty to do in Stockholm in the summer. Take the boat to the isle of Djurgården and visit the amusement park Gröna Lund, or have a swim at Eriksdalsbadet, stroll around in Kungsträdgården and have an ice cream, stroll down to the water in Tantolunden (maybe play miniature golf?), go to a close public swim area or walk between the football pitches on Södermalm to watch great football and enjoy the cup atmosphere.

Thanks Jonas!