By car - parking
SFC's pitches and arenas are located quite centrally in Stockholm, which means that it´s hard to find parking spaces. We strongly recommend using public transportation (SL) and leave the car at home or alternatively park the car some distance from the pitches.

It will be difficult to find parking lots near the pitches where the cup will be played.

Free travelling with SL (public transportation)
For teams accommodated in schools or hotels, free travel with SL is included. Other teams can buy this as an option. The price is discounted in relation to the regular price. It is incredibly easy and convenient to get around in Stockholm by public transportation. Take the opportunity to go with subway, tram, bus or commuter train instead of sitting in car queues or looking for parking lots.

The time table of SL can be downloaded as an app or alternatively click here.

It's climate-friendly to go collectively, that's what most people know. What many people do not know is that Stockholm's public transport is world-leading in sustainability. No matter how you travel with SL, you go environmentally friendly. SL's commuter train, subways and local trains are run at 100 percent on pure electricity from renewable sources. And SL buses run on renewable fuels.

SL for teams from Stockholm
Players, leaders and accompanying members of the teams who don´t buy accomodation through SFC (for instance teams from Stockholm), have an option to buy SL cards for free transportation during the cup. The SL card is for free travelling Thursday to Sunday and costs 140 SEK/person. The SL card is ordered and paid in advance via the teamsite.


Travel to the cup by train
SFC collaborates with SJ and can offer discounted prices for all participants in the cup and for all relatives, supporters, family members, friends who travel to and from the cup. Discounted prices are available between July 29 - August 5, 2019 - which gives you the freedom to plan your stay in Stockholm. Choose when you want to travel and book for you and your travel companions. Please note that it is only through the links you get the discounted prices.

Supporter bookings - Click on this link.

Team bookings - Click on this link or on the image below and book your trip at SJ at a discounted price. To get the discount at SJ for your team, enter SFCs customer number 967709 in the field "EVENTUELLT KUNDNUMMER HOS SJ" and enter Stockholm Football Cup in the field "ÖVRIGT".

Team bookings can also be done at eller 0771-757575 voice menu no 3. To get the discount, mention that you will travel to Stockholm Football Cup and mention SFCs customer number 967709.

If you inform us when you arrive in Stockholm, SFC officials will meet you at the Central Station and hand out the cards for the free journeys with SL for further transportation to the accommodation.

Travel to the cup by aeroplane
SAS offers discounted rates for those teams booking the trip via this link. The CMP-code to be used for team bookings is SFCUPSE

Contact SAS with the dates or days you wish to travel and they will find the best deal for your team. We recommend being flexible while booking flights with SAS to help them find the best price-option suitable for you. Challange SAS and get a good deal!

Travel to the cup by ferry

Stockholm Football Cup cooperates with Tallink Silja, which offers you special sports prices when traveling with your football team. Sport prices are available between July 29 - August 5, 2019 - which gives you the freedom to plan your stay in Stockholm. With us you get a personal contact person who helps you to tailor your trip.Smooth and easy!

Click on link or on the picture below to book your discounted trip.

SJ SAS Tallink SIlja