SFC - Stockholm Football Cup – is a new cup organized by Enskede IK, who was awarded the best Children's and Youth Association in Sweden in the year 2016.

Purpose and goal of the cup:
  • We want to create an annual international youth tournament in Stockholm, focusing on memorable experiences for all participants.
  • We want to offer more than football; rather a whole range of experiences with the football in the center – a total cup experience.
  • The ambition is clear, we want all participants to want to come back and join again, year after year.
  • That young people should have something fun to look forward to and do during the summer holidays.
  • Our goal is that the tournament will be one of Sweden's most popular youth tournaments and gain international reputation.

Our vision:
  • The cup should be a meeting place for participants regardless of sex, sexual orientation, culture, religion or ethnical background.
  • The cup will be an international tournament that helps develop the football in the Stockholm region, nationwide as well as across the borders.
  • The cup will strive for an even distribution between participating girls and boys.
  • The cup will be a football tournament organized and conducted in Stockholm by Enskede IK.
  • The cup will be a representative of Stockholm as a brand.

Our values:
  • The cup is defined by trust, honesty, cooperation and community, all in line with the values of Enskede IK.
  • The cup is based on our belief of everyone's equal value regardless of sex, sexual orientation, culture, religion or ethnical background.
  • The cup is promoting the belief of Fair Play and will also reward one team per age class (10 years and older).
  • The cup is supporting IQ, a people movement for a modest view on alcohol (www.iq.se).
  • The cup has zero tolerance against sexual harassment
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