Meet Vigfús Geir Júlíusson – Our Icelandic partner!

We had a short chatt with Vigfús, who is our excellent agent on Iceland and who will be bringing at least 8 teams to SFC 2024 (so far in classes G15, G16/17, B15 and B16/17). The first experience of SFC was in 2022, where Vigfús joined with 4 Icelandic teams to the tournament. 

How come you and your teams choose the tournament in Stockholm?
"For us it was the setup of the cup; teams have a minimum of 5 games and after the group games you also get the A and B playoffs, where you don't get knockout. With this system you will always end up with games against teams that have had similar results throughout the tournament. Also it's very good to have the pitches close to each other and it's easy to get around with the SL transportation card".

According to you, what are the best things about SFC?
"What made big difference for us was to be able to add the training camp for 1 or 2 days before the tournament. It makes more out of the experience. Then I have to say the activities that are offered, like Gröna Lund for example, make this cup tick all the boxes for our teams and groups".