SFC update

After this dark year we can finally see a brighter future ahead. The SFC team keeps a hopeful attitude towards the upcoming summer and continues to plan för SFC 2021 - but in an adapted edition. We stay updated about regulations due to Covid daily, and assure you we'll make all the required adjustments necessary for the cup to be played safely. Below you can read about our current adjustments. 

Current adjustments for SFC 2021:

  • Opening ceremony is canceled.
  • Teams staying in class rooms will have access to two (2) rooms instead of one (1). max. 10 people per room. 
  • A meal schedule to regulate the amount of people in the cafeterias - or the possibility for take-away.
  • The award ceremony takes place in simplicity after the team's last game
  • Cafeterias will be placed outdoor
  • No events that gather many people, we'll be focusing on the football games!
  • Admission to the amusement park Gröna Lund is only valid if Gröna Lund is open
  • The following rules apply for all of our arenas
    - You can only participate in activities if you fell well
    - Crowded areas are avoided
    - No greetings before or after the games
    - Goals can be celebrated, but preferably without hugs

There are no risks to register your team to Stockholm Football Cup - we have a 100% money back guarantee if we must cancel due to Covid.