SFC2020 is cancelled

Written 16 June 2020 20:54
Edited 16 June 2020 22:09
Stockholm Football Cup 2020 is cancelled.

Yesterday, Monday June 15, the board of SFC made the hard decision to cancel this year's edition of Stockholm Football Cup.

For some time we have worked hopefully on adapting the cup to the prevailing situation - but now we must sadly announce that this year's cup is cancelled. With over 300 registered teams from 11 different countries, it´s with sorrow we to have to leave this message to our teams.

SFC's vision and goal is to be an international meeting place that welcomes everyone, a football festival where everything is possible. SFC should be an event where we together create cup memories that follow us throughout life, where you look back on places and events filled with joy, fellowship and football. We want to offer a cup full of extraordinary experiences, a cup experience to remember. With the current restrictions, travel prohibitions and the uncertainty of the pandemic's development, we will not be able to live up to this.

We have all been looking forward to a football summer with joy and anticipation, but we hope that all teams, leaders, parents, partners, referees and staff understand our decision - and that we will see you next summer for fantastic cup experiences together!

As a result of this decision, all fees will be refunded to already registered teams.

We will now start working with SFC 2021 and more information will be presented on our website, but already now you can mark 5th-8th of August 2021 in the calendar!

Until we see you again, hope you have a very nice summer!

Warm greetings

The SFC team

Next news item: Vi fortsätter se över anpassningarna..

Written 08 June 2020 10:39
Vi fortsätter att se över hur vi kan anpassa cupen till rådande restriktioner och har inlett dialog med Folkhälsomyndigheten samt Stockholms Fotbollsförbund. Vi kommer senast den 17 juni att gå ut med information om cupen blir inställd, fram till dess är det riskfritt att anmäla sig. Blir det ett beslut om genomförande av SFC 2020, kommer vi ge tydlig information kring relger och förhållningss... Read more
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